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Call for Marketing Assistance 972.652.0978

About Us

 Internet Marketing Tech Support

We look forward to helping all our Marketer Friends Tech!
Providing marketers with technology support is what we do. If you have 1 website or 1000 websites to maintain update and secure then DDavisDesign is whom you may seek. Maybe your clients need to have more emails configured on their cpanel. Maybe you just want to learn how a cpanel works or gosh, what is a cpanel. Then DDavisDesign is here for you.
We have a very long list of things we can support and there really is not just one thing we do. Just think of DDavisDesign is the people behind the green curtain helping you keep it all running.
At DDavisDesign we know you can research. You probably already know a bunch about tech, gosh the world runs on Social Media and really there are no limits upon what reviews or opinions you can find. Thousands or endless! We want to help provide internet marketing support, by helping marketers get the most out of technology by supporting their clients and their technology, websites,social media and more…

You could also find support or help by outsourcing your work to another country; but at DDavisDesign we are a home grown as Apple Pie, an American Company. We do as much as we can to keep your work as local as we can.

Our founder served in the US Army for over 10 years. First a Combat Medic in the 1st Cavalry Division HHC 1/32 Armor, and then as a US Army Nurse across the Globe. The Company motto is “Service Above Self.” So, there are no shortages of our teams trying to give back to not only our fellow Veterans; but also to every American along the way.

Now do not get us wrong or misinterpret what we are saying here, globally we are all human beings and everyone deserves respect. We just want to try and help everyone get to where they need to be.  As the old sayings go “Built in America!” “You Word is Your Bond” “Two Wrongs Don’t Make It Right.”

DDavisDesign tries to stand by those. Just remember, “You Pay for What You Get.”