Welcome to DDavisDesign, and yes we know this is a vanilla post, and it normally comes with your WordPress install; but utilize it.  Craft your first blog, your first thoughts here when you get a chance. Blogging can be fun and hard at the same time. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes you may not have time. Other times you can hire folks to blog for you, but really is that your blog is it how you feel, is it your opinions on things you like, see or do? Maybe not.

Once again this is only an entry point as you begin to navigate the digital world around you. Try not to be to opinionated, or closed minded or shoot for that manner, try not to worry about what is going to come out of your fingertips when typing. That is if you can type, or you use the single finger hunt and peck method.

At DDavisDesign we will attempt to help you see the things we see, or just share the tech things we find interesting, or what is potentially up and coming. Remember its just our opinions and really if it matters then take it with a grain of salt and give it a once over and hmmmm.

Thanks again for visiting DDavisDesign and hopefully we can help you on your way to Tech, and if your an SME already, thanks for at least stopping by. Without all the SMEs and the amateurs where would we be. Probably doing another job.

Dennis Davis

About the author

IT Professional and Military Veteran with 30 years of proven ability to interact and collaborate with multiple levels of management and diverse cultural audiences. Consistently achieved exceptional and measurable results while leading teams in dynamic, fast-paced environments in both civilian and military capacities. Possess a comprehensive background in designing, developing, and implementing Information Technology, Health Care, and Social Media Strategies for large corporate and small business and Health Care organizations. Possess extensive knowledge in Project/Change and Life Cycle Management within HIT, HIS, IS & IT, Customer Service. Background Desktop Management, Help Desk Operations, and Risk Assessment. Recipient of multiple awards for outstanding performance and professionalism in the United States Army. Career supported by military training and an Information Technology Project Management Certificate. • Strategic Planning • Process Improvement • Communications • Statistical Analysis • Leadership / Mentorship • Customer Service • Risk Assessment • Integrity • Disaster Management

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