Abilene Battery and Golf Cars

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Company Name:Abilene Battery and Golf Cars
Company Location:Abilene, TX
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This great client wanted to update their main office computer from the old Windows 7 machine to a new HP touch screen Windows 10 machine. Their old Windows 7 machine hosted their QuickBooks so backups, transfers and sharing needed to be accommodated.  They did not want to get rid of their old Windows 7 machine but use it for other purposes. So it was moved to a new office location in the building and a network cat 5 line needed to be implemented with a 5 port hub to split off one of their existing lines. The old Windows 7 machine had not been updated since 2013 so all the windows updates needed to implemented while trying to operate their QuickBooks until all moves were accomplished. This same Windows 7 machine had the old minimum of 4GB installed so additional DDR3-1600 240-pin 16GB ram was allocated, this improved the speed of the machine and brought it current as a dual core machine.
After all updates were accomplished, then the training on the new HP Windows 10 machine commenced. The client had no problem learning the new layout after a little coaching. So far the client is satisfied and has not called back for any issues.

Thank you Dwain and Robin Hicks