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Jefferson County Courthouse (Beaumont, Texas) Restoration Project.

A really great friend of mine David Weston over at and needed help with some old fashioned labor, sanding, scuffing and matching colors with some beautiful wood. Little did I know it was going to be an adventure at such a beautiful and historical courthouse.

The Jefferson County Courthouse in Beaumont, Texas is one of the tallest courthouses in the state, and is an excellent example of Art Deco architecture. Built in 1931, it is the fourth courthouse built in Jefferson County. It was designed by Fred Stone and Augustin Babin, and is thirteen stories high. In 1981, an annex was added to the west side of the courthouse.

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This was truly an experience for, as we watched in amazement how the restoration of this beautiful building took place. Working from a laptop configured for Website Support Work, I took to the photos, and stitched together this small presentation, that does NOT do this work justice. Watching master craftsmen hand mix colors, and bring real wood back to life,that us digital lackeys do with Photoshop, cant compare. But let me tell you the tours, recording and cataloging is about to begin. Stay tuned because DDavisDesign is about to move into a new direction. Personally, I worked with the Apple QTVR back in the 90s, so there is some experience under this belt.

Be sure to watch the end, I love the Commissioners Court Bench, it was eaten by termites and almost falling over, and the photos do not do it justice (Haha). I also wanted to personally thank the following Teams for allowing me the Honor of witnessing and working on such a wonderful project. The experience, and the beauty of an Art that most of us take for granted was just AMAZING. You all did and do a beautiful and wonderful work and all the credit goes to you and all those who help you.

David Weston:

Tom & Chad Woody:

Vince Jabbia:

Sandra Bauder: